IEEE International Symposium on Power Line Communications and its Applications
3-5 April 2019 // Prague, Czech Republic


The final program is available for download (PDF).


April 3rd
April 4th
April 5th
8:30-9:30 Registration
9:00-9:50 Invited Speech #3 9:00-9:30 Invited Speech #4
9:30-9:40 Opening
9:40-10:10 Invited Speech #1 9:30-11:10 Prof.
Hendrik Ferreira Special Session
9:50-10:50 Technical Session #4
10:10-10:30 Break
10:30-11:20 Invited Speech #2
10:50-11:10 Break
11:10-12:10 Technical Session #5 11:10-11:30 Break

Technical Session #1
11:30-12:30 Recent Results Session

Lunch 12:10-13:30 Lunch
12:30-12:40 Conclusion
12:40-14:00 Lunch
13:30-15:00 IEEE 1901.1


13:30-15:00 ITU-T


15:00-16:00 Technical Session #2 15:00-15:20 Break
15:20-16:20 Technical Session #6
16:00-16:20 Break
16:20-17:00 Technical Session #3 16:20-17:30 Panel

on State of the Industry and Standardization

17:00-18:30 Welcome Drink
18:00-19:30 Optional walking tour to the dinner
19:00-20:30 IEEE ComSoc
19:30 Gala Dinner



Wednesday, April 3rd
8:30 Registration
9:30 Opening
Invited Speech #1: The Local Insight
9:40 František Müller (ČEZ Distribuce);
Radúz Morsztýn (Deloitte)
Hardening the Grid
10:10 Break
Invited Speech #2: G3-PLC
10:30 Cédric Lavenu (EDF) G3-PLC
Technical Session #1: Channel Characterization and Modelling (Masaaki Katayama)
11:20 Dong Liang; Huashan Guo; Tao Zheng Impedance Tracking and Estimation Using Power Line Communications
11:40 Marco De Piante; Andrea M. Tonello Channel and Admittance Dependence Analysis in PLC with Implications to Power Loading/Savings
12:00 Lunch
IEEE 1901.1 Industrial Session
13:30 Oleg Logvinov (IEEE 1901.1 WG) IEEE 1901.1 – the newest member of the IEEE family of PLC Standards
13:50 Dai Shou (IEEE 1901.1 WG) Advanced Technology of Huawei PLC-IOT Chipset
14:10 Tomasz Piasecki (Huawei) Practical Examples of PLC-IOT Deployment
14:30 Q&A panel
Technical Session #2: Narrowband PLC Systems (Gerd Bumiller)
15:00 Davide Righini; Andrea M. Tonello Automatic Clustering of Noise in Multi-Conductor Narrow Band PLC Channels
15:20 Martin Brandl; Karlheinz Kellner;
Thomas Posnicek; Daniel Hochwarter
Performance Evaluation of a DQPSK and a DSSS PLC-Modem for Vehicular Applications
15:40 Ainara Fernandez; Alberto Sendin;
Manu Sharma; Andreas Brunschweiler; Mohamed Sedjai
Experimental Concept Definition and Validation to Overcome CENELEC A Band Noise with the Use of FCC Band Overlays
16:00 Break
Technical Session #3: Signal Processing for PLC (Bamidele Adebisi)
16:20 Gautham Prasad; Yinjia Huo; Lutz
Lampe; Anil Mengi; Victor C. M. Leung
Fault Diagnostics with Legacy Power Line Modems
16:40 Yinjia Huo; Gautham Prasad; Lutz
Lampe; Victor C. M. Leung
Smart-Grid Monitoring: Enhanced Machine Learning for Cable Diagnostics
17:20 Welcome Drink
19:00 IEEE ComSoc TC-PLC Meeting
Thursday, April 4th
Invited Speech #3: Panasonic – HD-PLC Alliance
9:00 Jean-Philippe Faure (HD-PLC Alliance) HD-PLC Power Line Communication Technology
Technical Session #4: Layer 2 and Above in PLC (Ralf Lehnert)
9:50 Stefan G. Hoffmann; Gerd Bumiller; Daniel Szameitat Security of ITU-T G.9903 and G.9904 – a New Approach for a Systematic Analysis
10:10 Gregorio López; Javier Matanza;
Mª de la Concepción Mora
I Choose You! But Why? Proposal and Evaluation of Policies to Promote Service Nodes to Switches in PRIME Networks
10:30 Francesco Marcuzzi; Andrea M. Tonello Artificial-Intelligence-Based Performance Enhancement of the G3-PLC LOADng Routing Protocol for Sensor Networks
10:50 Break
Technical Session #5: Emerging Applications (Lutz Lampe)
11:10 Shinji Tsuzuki Simultaneous Transmission Method of Power and Information Using Hoist Ropes for Mobile Crane PLC
11:30 Augustine Ikpehai; Bamidele Adebisi; Kelvin Anoh Can 6LoPLC Enable Indoor IoT?
11:50 José Antonio Cortés; Francisco
J. Cañete; Matías Toril; Luis Díez;
Alicia Garcia-Mozos
Analysis of Power Line Communications for Last-Hop Backhaul in Small Cells Deployment
12:10 Lunch
ITU-T Industrial Session: HomeGrid Forum
13:30 Len Dauphinee (HomeGrid Forum) An Overview of Home Grid Forum and the Standardization of Multiple Application Profiles
14:00 George Hallak (devolo) devolo’s ITU-T Solution for the German
Smart Grid Rollout
14:30 Salvador Iranzo (MaxLinear) Present and Future of ITU-T Standard
15:00 Break
Technical Session #6: PLC for Smart Grid (Cédric Lavenu)
15:20 Cedric Chauvenet; Cédric Lavenu;
Manu Sharma; Andreas Brunschweiler;
Mohamed Sedjai
Software Defined Last Mile Networks
15:40 Miguel Seijo; Gregorio López;
Javier Matanza; Jose Ignacio Moreno
From the Lap(top) to the Jungle: Validating the PRIME Network Simulator SimPRIME with Data from the Field
16:00 Nikolai Hopfer; Markus Zdrallek;
Fabian Karl; Hamed Rezaei;
Markus Krampf; Ulrik Dietzler
Analysis of Broadband PLC Characteristics as a Second Use Case for Distribution System Operators
Panel on State of the Industry and Standardization (Andrea M. Tonello)
16:20 Len Dauphinee (MaxLinear), Jean-Philippe Faure (Progilon), Cédric Lavenu (EDF), Alfredo Sanz (Microchip Technology), Markus Rindchen (PPC AG)
18:00 Optional walking tour to the dinner
19:30 Gala Dinner
Friday, April 5th
Invited Speech #4: PRIME Alliance
9:00 Alfredo Sanz (Microchip Technology); Abdelmoniem M. Elbaz
(El Sewedy Electrometer Group)
PRIME v14 & Changing the Rules of the Game
Prof. Hendrik Ferreira Special Session (Han Vinck)
9:30 Han Vinck In memoriam:
Professor Hendrik Christoffel Ferreira
9:50 Rathinamala Vijay; T. Venkata
Prabhakar; Vinod Hegde; Vijay S. Rao; Venkatesha Prasad
A Heterogeneous PLC with BLE Mesh Network for Reliable and Real-time Smart Cargo Monitoring
10:10 Abdellah Chehri A Low Complexity Turbo Equalizer for Power-Line Communication with Applications to Smart Grid Networks
10:30 Armando Vannucci; Giulio Colavolpe; Riccardo Pecori; Luca Veltri Estimation of a Gaussian Source with Memory in Bursty Impulsive Noise
10:50 Gautham Prasad; Omid Taghizadeh;
Lutz Lampe; Rudolf Mathar
Securing MIMO Power Line Communications with Full-Duplex Jamming Receivers
11:10 Break
Recent Results Session (Shinji Tsuzuki)
11:30 Andrea M. Tonello; Federico Passerini New Paradigms for Energy Grids Diagnostics and Maintenance Using PLC
11:40 Kenya Ikeda; Kentaro Kobayashi;
Hiraku Okada; Masaaki Katayama
Measurements of Multiple Access Performance of G3-PLC in a Large-scale Building
11:50 J. Miguel Sanz; Víctor Reyes;
Alfredo Sanz; J. Guerreira
New PLC Stack for Motor Control Applications
12:00 Zbyněk Kocur; Jiří Vodrážka Testing System for Communication Part of Smart Grid
12:10 Petr Mlýnek; Pavel Šilhavý;
Ján Sláčik; Petr Musil; Jan Hlavnička
Distribution Automation over Broadband PLC on Medium Voltage – Rollout Evaluation and Performance Measurements
12:30 Conclusion
12:40 Lunch